Kalyan Mandap

(1)  How to reserve Kalyan Mandap?

Kalyan Mandaps can be reserved for social, cultural & official functions. It’s Reservation Charges with GST @ 18 % on reservation Charges . The GST amount will be payable to Central Government excluding Reservation Charges.

(2)  How to book Kalyan Mandap online?

For Checking availability of Kalyan Mandaps &Town Hall   Click here
For Booking of Kalyan Mandaps   Click here

(3)  Where should be the security money be deposited, at counter or at Kalyan Mandap?

Security money should be deposited during booking of Kalyan Mandap

(4)  Is there any off season discount from July to October ?

The Off Season discount will be allowed only in Kalyan Mandap with following cases

Mandap Name Booking Amount GST (18%) Caution Money Total Amount
Kalyan Mandap Ground Floor Rs 26701/- Rs 4806/- Rs 5000/- Rs 36507/-
Kalyan Mandap First Floor Rs 24081/- Rs 4335/- Rs 5000/- Rs 33416/-
Town Hall First Shift(8 AM to 3 PM) Rs 2200/- Rs 396/- Rs 500/- Rs 3096/-
Town Hall Second Shift(4 PM to 10 PM) Rs 2200/- Rs 396/- Rs 500/- Rs 3096/-
Town Hall Full Day(8 AM to 10 PM) Rs 4400/- Rs 792/- Rs 500/- Rs 5692/-